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Attn: This product is no longer available.


I would like to introduce our new chile pepper relishes for your consideration. These all natural relishes are 100% chile pepper based. We use Jalapeno, Poblano and Anahiem  chile peppers in both the Hot Pepper Relish and the Sweet Jalapeno Relish.


Sweet Jalapeno Relish


A surprising blend of sweet and hot flavors guaranteed to excite your palate with a tongue teasing sweetness and a surprising aftertaste of heat. Chile peppers blended with other natural ingredients create a colorful product that is excellent with cream cheese and crackers and great on hot dogs. Truly an addictive treat!!


v     An amazing blend of flavors the tickle the tongue and please the palate with a surprising combination of sweet and hot.

v     Blended from the best of all natural ingredients with no preservatives added.

v     Prepared carefully in small batches for guaranteed freshness


Hot Pepper Relish


Fresh Jalapeno peppers combined with milder chilies to create a taste sensation perfect anytime you want to add a little (or a lot) of heat to your favorite dishes. Especially flavorful on submarine or hoagie sandwiches and when added to soups and meat dishes.


v     A very spicy and flavorful Relish

v     A wonderful hot and tangy flavor that will fire up your taste buds.

v     Only the finest all natural ingredients are used in this product.

v     Carefully prepared in small batches for a consistent high quality product.


We would be delighted to have your store carry our products. Please see the enclosed wholesale price list for ordering information. Please call us if you have any questions at all.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sandy Federico